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Laundry Self Service Lavapiù

in provincia di Napoli

Corso Garibaldi, 72
80021 Afragola

Via San Massimo, 21
80035 Nola

Via Roma, 14
80030 San Paolo Bel Sito

via Arpino, 104
80026 Casoria
(Napoli) Domenico Riccardi
80040 Cercola

Via Tavernanova, 2
80033 Cicciano

Want to open a laundry a Napoli?

With Lavapiù team, opening up a laundry and achieving good business results right away is very simple. Thanks to the services provided by this company, today you can realize the dream even a Napoli and in so many areas of the country.
By joining the Lavapiù Club, you can ask a city advisor for:

- make a personalized quote without any commitment,
- help you find the right place in the most strategic area of Napoli,
- address the organization of the steps necessary to renovate the interiors,
- provide you with professional machines signed by the Miele brand,
- manage the installation phases of the machinery and the realization of the plants,
- give you the right directions to better manage and promote your business over time.

Over 500 Italian entrepreneurs have already started a successful laundry in many cities in Italy. And what are you waiting for?

Vuoi aprire una lavanderia nella tua città?

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